Saturday, September 21, 2002
06:18 p.m.

Sorry, for not writing. So much as happen. Warp 5 asked me out in an email. "Given my feelings for you, do you think there is more for us?" Well, I told him "NO!" Anyway, he emailed me saying he just meant he wanted to be closer friends. Yeah, right and that's why his hand slipped over to my bra line. Anyway, I'm so irked at him it's not even funny.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002
09:14 p.m.

I don't feel very good. In fact, I feel rather icky at the moment. I had to take an allergy, and they make me feel like a zombie. I managed to get a chance to read MJade's entry today. She's short and to the point isn't she? Far more precise than I'll ever be, but then she's a Teaching Major with emphasis in English, and I'm a Communication Major. ::Sighs:: I wish Warp5 would leave me alone! He came over during my nap. No warning. Needless to say, I don't want to be touched right now, but he's Warp5, so that's not happening.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002
12:37 p.m.

Icky, the allergy medicine just kicked it, so I'm a bit more than drowsy ^_^;; Dusty made Level Headed some cool buttons, so I have remember to add them. I'll try to do more later. Mainly, I'm just kind of bored sitting here. The Lunch Hour is a very Lonely Hour. I could use a Friend Pick-me up. I also need to complain to MJade to write in her dang pita!!!

Monday, September 16, 2002
09:37 p.m.

Oh my God did I have fun! It was a blast. M_Jade picked me up right after work. And then we headed for Chinese. After a quick exchange of phone calls we found out that DC's house(That she was thinking of buying) collapsed. Oppies. It was a good thing we called, so she invited us to her house instead. I've never been.
Phone Converstation:

DC Girl: Oh Good you can show me how to use my CD Burner!

Mouse~: I see why I was brought along.

DC Girl: Well I'm the medic, you're the computer nerd, and M_Jade is the..

M_Jade: The TV Guru

Mouse~: I see well only two of us have real life skills.

M_Jade: >_<
So, we headed to her house. Fun!!!! First we played three-man pool Don't ask me how we did it because I'm not entirely sure myself. I've never played pool but M_Jade and DC Girl have.
Pool Converstation:

DC Girl: What do you call that shot?

M_Jade: I suck

M_Jade: Umm Mouse, that isn't a pool cue it's an extender.

DC Girl: M_Jade may I remind that the rules of the game are to put the colored balls in the pockets not the white one.

Mouse~: Why are you guys over there?

DC Girl: You're Shooting that why.

Of course MJade has more. I can't remeber them all. But it was a blast. Then we went upstairs, so I could show DC Girl how to use her CD Burner. Which was easier than she thought. M_Jade and I went downstairs to pick out what we wanted from her CD Collection since she offered. There we were piled up on her bed. Guess *What*? DC Girl has a Black Silk coverlet and pillows and red silk sheets. 00;; I couldn't help but say:

Mouse~: This just says sex.

DC Girl: I know, it great for when I get my own place.

Mouse~: ^^;;;

Anyway, after that we taught M_Jade to play Sorry because she never had. I couldn't believe it. She won too. Her first time! Then, we played Jenga, and I dumped the pile of blocks and M_Jade (Sorry -_-) Then DC Girl and I had a contest to see how many letter of the Alphabet we could write....with our feet. M_Jade got a little bored.

M_Jade: NO I got popcorn!


A little TV watching and M_Jade and I mentioned being hungry and damn did DC Girl try to stuff us!

M_Jade: She brought out the entire pantry. Food Galore.

Then after some watching we had to go not before a quick water bottle chicken contest. If you really want to know, nahhhh. Anyway we got on the road, but we forgot are burned CDs so had to go back. DC had them there on her coffee table with her cellphone out shaking her head.

M_Jade and Mouse~: :P~~~~

It was the best.

Monday, September 16, 2002
12:12 a.m.

I can't wait. Today, DCgirl, M_Jade, and I go look at DCgirl's house. Well, the one she wants to buy. ^_^ just us girls. I love spending the afternoons with those guys. It's so much fun. It's a good pick-me up. Also, I've got Kenshin to watch tonight. Two pluses so soon. ^__^ All is right with the mouse.

Sunday, September 15, 2002
10:17 p.m.

I know Yellow. I'm probably going to get sick of it fast. However, it's a cute layout that took a little time(just a little.) I did finish M_Jade's Pita. It looks great. I'm so proud of myself. Really, I am.
Anyway, I had great weekend. Well, mostly. My allergies kicked up. I got Kenshin Brand New #3.00 bucks at my local store. I was shaking:
Mouse's Dad: Honey are you okay
Mouse: *Nods head Feverishly*

Anime never comes to my town. So all in all pretty dang good.

The above images are from the awesome Manga Ultra Maniac. Copyrights to Wataru Yoshizumi and Shueisha.


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