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Thursday, September 12, 2002
12:34 p.m.

What balls, what fucking balls! I don't believe it. Grrr!!!!!!!!!! Heavy growling. Okay, I had to come up with a proposal for my Interpersonal Class. I manage to come up with one and it was aproved. This girl steals my topic. Okay, it's broad, there's a lot to go around. Then, She comes into the coms office, and asks my help for finding research. I was busy and didn't think about it, but now I realize, she wanted me to do her fucking research. She steals my topic and then tries to steal my time and effort. What the fuck! This is insane.

Thursday, September 12, 2002
11:36 a.m.

Things on my to do list:

  1. Finish MJade's Pita
  2. Finish Main Site
  3. Rework Remembrance and Post

Wednesday, September 11, 2002
07:56 p.m.

Because it's today, and I'm a writer not an artist.

Omi sat on the porch of the flower shop. Summer heat wrapped around him like a thick wet blanket. He tucked his knees under his chin and sighed. The warmth was beginning to get uncomfortable, but Omi wasn’t in the mood to move. Omi wasn’t feeling very up to anything at the moment. It wasn’t because of the hot day, or the fact Aya flat out refused to get an air conditioner. He wasn’t upset about the flowers dying of heat or how today, the fan girls seemed worse than usually. No, his apathy was because of today’s date. This was the day. The big day that changed everything.

Why did it have to be today? Why did today have to come at all. He really hated this day. This day was the worse. Omi would have rather stay in bed this morning. However, there wasn’t a thing he could do about it. He couldn’t change Aya’s mind, just as he couldn’t change today’s date. They were uncontrollable forces, time and Aya. So, Omi sat out here, on the city streets of Tokyo, hoping that his solitude would force everyone away.

“What’s up short stuff?” Omi turned to see Yoji in the doorway. He was leaned into the frame, and his clothes seemed to have the same lazy feeling that Yoji had.

“Up, um nothing really Yoji-Kun,” Omi said staring at Yoji. “What are you doing out here?”

“Cigarette Break.” With that Yoji lifted the pack out of his silk shirt’s pocket. He moved to the porch’s iron railing, and Omi just watched. There was a certain way Yoji moved, some thing sleek and dangerous. It was not unlike Aya’s movements, graceful and purposeful. Different. He envied that. Even Ken’s movements were far more practiced and precise than his. Just one more thing to envy about all his “older brothers.”

“So, you gonna stay out here all day? Leave us to those vicious woman.” Yoji said as the hot wind blew his hair back. The smoke from his cigarette followed.

“I should be rescuing those girls from you.” Omi laughed.

Yoji bent and winked at Omi, “Hey now, I only go after the ones-”

“That are over 18. Yeah, I know. I’ve heard way too many times. Funny thing is Keiko-Chan didn’t look a day past- “ Omi was cut off.

“You leave Keiko out of this. Besides, I didn’t do anything with her.” Yoji said. He crossed his arms in a mock defense.

“Whatever.” Omi turned away from Yoji to look out. Papers and trash lined the back alleys, and old posters threaten to fall from Apartment building walls. Silence filled the air between them. Omi was trying not to think, and Yoji didn’t.

“Well, I better get my ass back in before Aya get in a twit.” Yoji threw down his cigarette, scuffed it out with the toe of his shoe, and went back inside.

Omi let the breeze ruffle through his hair as he watched Yoji go all the while think how lucky he was. Lucky he didn’t have day like today. This was the day that Omi killed his first innocent.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002
10:58 a.m.

An explaination of sorts is in order I guess. I'm not going to tell you though. At least not all of it. Karma debit and all. It sucks I know, but if you knew how I felt you'd understand. What goes around really does come around. I wasn't mean, but still seems that it way. Three of my friends are pissed at me, and I didn't have anything to do with 2/3 of it. One is real life, one is a friend, and one is more of an aquaintance. Until they get unpissed, you get bad fanfiction!

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
02:57 p.m.

Late and short, sorry. M_Jade, I just can't seem to drop the Weiss Kreuz for Faith and Ethan. I'll try. Anyway, unbeta'd

The dark rain descended upon him with thick fat droplets. Its penetrating wetness sent red rivers of dye down his face. His breath came in pants, mouth set like stone, thin grinned. His body weakened and lacked rest. He stopped, not breathing, not resting, not anything, just stopped. Time paused. Then, he was in motion, a gracefully shadow lurching, attacking, killing his prey, a feline in action. He wasn't a cat, though, but some vicious tiger on the prowl. His sword left jagged open wounds. Blood trails covered the silver blade, red rivulets dropped off the end. Violent violets glowed in the blackness of the night.

"Almost over," the Tiger purred so softly.

"Danger," The night whispered.

"Love." Yoji thought, scarlet tracks apparent everywhere.

The blade's edge cut through Yoji's neck. His head rolled off into the gutter. Blonde hair blacked by dirt and sewage. With its foot, the tiger played with the head. It turned it over and over again. The beautiful face plastered forever with a smile. The tiger growled then kicked the head down the drain.

"Fuck love, Yoji." Aya said as he sheathed his sword.

Monday, September 9, 2002
01:17 p.m.

Late, yes I know. The other night's did not out the way it was supposed to and neither did today's. Unbeta'd and Weiss Kreuz, you getting one of these, till I feel better.

Omi scanned the room. The others were gone, gone without a trace. No, that wasn't entirely accurate. There was blood everywhere, and the living room look as if some type of brawl had occurred. The analyst side of Omi was already examining, trying to put together a picture of what had happen. Holes in the wall, overturned furniture, and a broken vase. It was definitely a fight, but with whom?

He made his way through the shared parts of the house before going upstairs and knocking on individual doors. Before he could knock, a moving shadow on the grey carpet caught his attention. He followed the light trail to the small downstairs bathroom. It was tiny in comparison to the ones each of their rooms sported. Its door was closed tightly, but a small shaft of light flicker from beneath the door. He pressed up close and listened. There were tiny little sounds almost like whimpers and shuffling noise he couldn't quite place.

Omi back up a little and knocked, "Hello, it's Omi?" another scuffled noise. Omi went to knock again when he felt a presence. Turning around, he saw Aya standing there with stack bandages in his arms.

"Oh, Aya-kun what.." Aya walked past him and opened the bathroom door. Ken was nude perched on the sink's edge. He had bruises and cuts from top to bottom. Aya didn't bother to say anything as he shut the door, but Omi knew there was an understood, "Don't talk about this". It didn't need to be said. He walked away on up the stairs to his room. Oh, how he hated when the others pulled this on him, coddled him like he was five. It drove him crazy to be left out of the important things.

It was hard enough being the youngest, but it was harder when you were the one technically in charge. Omi still questioned the wisdom of this, but there was very little he could do. Bombay had been give and order, and Omi would carry it out. It was all he had ever know, but when did he start acting like Bombay was different person? Well, Bombay was going to do his job. Omi's eyes narrow, and he started the computer. He began, ‘Bombay, Observation 0005-A6' Siberian and Abyssinian have been in an altercation. It is unclear whether Balinese was present or not. Also, unknown is the cause. Siberian was wounded, but the extend of which is unclear. Further observation will be carried out later tonight via the video link, and a full report is to follow. A review of the security video in the living room will be required. It maybe necessary to eliminate and replace Siberian. Awaiting further instructions. Bombay out.'