Sunday, October 27, 2002
09:25 p.m.

I finished Planet Lader #3. I'm really getting into this series. It's kind of bad though that more people aren't into it. It's also annonying that the publisher has released more tanks to it. Maybe TP will get them anyway. When I get time, I'm going to do a page to that series. The specs look some what okay. I still need a lot more time to play with them.

Saturday, October 26, 2002
09:39 p.m.

Yesterday was pretty good, and so was today. I got Planet Ladder #3 and Strawberry Eggs Vol#2. I'm finally enjoying Strawberry Eggs like I should. It took awhile because it really lacks a good romantic lead for Hibiki. The movie was bust, but there's a rain check for Sunday. It's just delaying the inevitable. The haunted house was good. All this great things, and I'm in the blue today. I pray for green soon. My mood lightened a little when I managed to get the Meroko Layout pretty much the way I wanted it.

Friday, October 25, 2002
11:16 a.m.

I went back to listen to some old favorites. Sailor Moon R's "Moon Revenge" Still gets to me. I agree with Michelle. You have to see the movie to understand it completely. There's something about it at that moment in the movie that's just amazing, and none of the Movies after it could repeat the emotion of that moment. Beyond the emotion of the scene, and the power that comes from that there is the song itself. It's a good song, and well planned for the voices of the "Peach Hips". The subtle Gradation from Ami's soft pipes to Rei's sweet soul to Mako's Clear Angel to Mina's strong alto. It's executed flawlessly. It's almost impossible to tell the difference between them; it almost sounds like same voice. I love how the woman manage to sing "In Character". I've listened to a good number of anime tunes, and no one seems to do it like they can.

Thursday, October 24, 2002
08:28 p.m.

I altered my Top 10 Anime list. I forgot one of my favorites *whistles* ^^;; I often times do this, but I'm pretty sure, of it now.

Thursday, October 24, 2002
04:14 p.m.

Well, today turned good. Both my 8 o'clock and 3:30 classes were cancelled. Yeah ^_^ It also seems Dr. Nulph had a cancellation today, so he got me in. I can still hang with D.C. at the right time. Spirted Away is still playing in Leawood. I might be able to see it. Crisco came on the IM after I posted that. Don't I have a nice boyfriend? Now, I'm actually pretty excited about the website. I can play .OGG files now. Maybe Narilos will be on...

Thursday, October 24, 2002
01:35 p.m.

Today's been kind of miserable. -_-

First thing when I got in the office, (I love saying that) Dr. Nulph informed me that he was going to have to reschedule my appointment tomorrow. Now, it's right when D.C. girl were planning on going out for lunch. Plus, I now have a huge gap in my schedule. All well.

Then, I had to drop of a letter in the Chem dept. Scientist have no form of organization. They really don't. When I got back, 8 people were gathered in front of my desk. Just talkig.

Around 12:30, I went to get a snack. The candy machine was broken >_< So, I had to tell someone where I was going, and then I walked through the cold rain to the Math and Science building. The cart was open *yeah!* So, I got food. ^____^

The worst part, is no one is on any of my IMs today. Not Narilos, not Crisco, not Blondie, Not my cuz, Not Nikora, not anyone...

Thursday, October 24, 2002
11:11 a.m.

No top ten:( Actually, I was caught up in a blitz of and hustle and bussle.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002
11:33 p.m.

And so I get roped into another Website project... I do it to myself really. I actually enjoy it very much. It's just that I really didn't have time. However, I will do this speedily. I will not get overwhemled. The girl really does need this, so I'll do it.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002
09:59 p.m.

On with the top ten!!!!:

    The Manga I've always wanted to read, but it's either too expensive, can't get my hands on it, or some other reason such as that. I hope one day to get any of these series.
  1. Bokura na Mint (I will get into this series)
  2. Nervous Venus (God, her style is goregous)
  3. Ichigo Channel (Too cute)
  4. Yami no Matsuei (Too many volumes and too expensive)
  5. Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi E (Same as above)
  6. X (Err, I've been meaning to, it's just that...)
  7. Kizuna
  8. Ryo or anything by Rinko Ueda for that matter.
  9. Kaikan Phrase (Is it worth it?)
  10. Bronze(Too warped even for me)
Honorable Mention: Toki Meki Tonight, but damn that's way too many volumes and Nana, all I can say is the ads look pretty.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002
03:31 p.m.

I finally reorganized all my favorite links. Netscape actually lets you save them in an html file that you can later update. I find myself just picking the browser I'm in the mood to use. Weird, huh?

Wednesday, October 23, 2002
11:50 a.m.

The computer guy tried for nearly 45 min to fix the office computer. It still doesn't print. I did find out he's the guy that was limiting the bandiwidth. Strange, but he's actually a nice guy. He doesn't mind downloaded and other traffice, he just doesn't want the server hammered. Very cool. Anyway, On with the top tens:

    Anime- These include OAVs
  1. Card Captor Sakura(Subbed)- I love that Anime!!!
  2. Inu Yasha
  3. Iria
  4. Outlaw Star
  5. Ranma 1/2(Dubbed)
  6. Slayers
  7. Gundam Wing
  8. Sailor Moon(Subbed)
  9. Magic Knight Rayearth(Animation makes it score lower)
  10. Weiss Kreuz
When I choose an Anime it is based on Visual, Story, Music, Audio, and Character Development. I might like the story, but the Visual has to back it up. Scores might be lower...

Tuesday, October 22, 2002
11:10 p.m.

My Top Ten list ^_^

  1. KKJ- Because Tanemura-sensei is too cool.
  2. MKR- Gotta love something Clamp
  3. PSSM- Oldie but a goodie.
  4. PL- Paraneto Lada, Warped is good sometimes
  5. CCS- Okay two things Clamp
  6. UM- Stands for Ultra Maniac
  7. R 1/2- Well, Ranma, Ukyo, and Ryoga are cool.
  8. AMG- Don't you just love Romantic Comedies?
  9. Princess Prince- Gender Bender
  10. WB- Weigthless Boy, yeah I know it ended, but still..
Honorable Mention in no particular order:
Wish, Sorceror Hunters, and St. Dragon Girl is gaining on me. ^_^

Tuesday, October 22, 2002
04:48 p.m.

I, My, Me has 3 CDs. Two drama and one Soundtrack. Damn, I hope they do another season. I've seen the single, I think I'll get the cds. Believe it or not it's easier to import from Japan then Australia. Go figure? Anyway, that means I'll have to save. ::sobs::: I can do it. Yikes.... First, I've got wait for my Generator Gawl to come in, though.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002
03:17 p.m.

It's not a virus, it's a meltdown. Gah. It's took three restarts to get my computer and my software on the same wavelength. It's not the computers fault, the programmer, or any of that, it's the company that made the damn thing... I wonder how you can put a flawed designed on the market, and then blame the software inside? Seriously, you don't see a dress that falls apart as soon as you put it on do you? If they did, they'd take it back. I just don't get digital and the like. I can take a broken toaster to be replaced, but computers? Oh, the store will take it back, but that only last 60 days at the most. If given the choice, I'd rather buy an extended waranty from them.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002
11:11 a.m.

I had a great night yesterday. Crisco came over and we watched the Others. Fantastic film. On the same coolness vibe as Fight Club. Funny thing, both of us guess right, but we guessed different things. I'll go into that more, but it's a spolier so highlight to read:

He guessed that the servants were dead, and I guessed that the family was dead. We were both right, but neither of us guessed that they were all dead. ^_^;;

Tuesday, October 22, 2002
10:11 a.m.

On the up side, my teacher canceled class on Thursday. I actually get to sleep in. ^_^ On the down, Is that really what I want to do with my time? Just sleep. Of course last night, I was too preoccupied to sleep. I can't believe my brain was spinning that fast. I did fall to sleep though, with a stomach ache. -_- My brain just doesn't let some things go. My cousin offered to chip into my summer trip. Great! Did I mention I'm terrified of flying? It's the only way to get there. ;_; cheap anyway. I have to conquer my fear, and I supposed this is the way to do it. Even though, I really think flying is for the birds. Any other way of travel, we humans can duplicate; we can swim, run, walk, on hands even, but fly, no. I will not let me fear win.

Monday, October 21, 2002
08:25 p.m.

I am a moron. I forgot to pick up my paycheck. That just sucks. Not that it really matters, because it doesn't. I can't cash it till Friday anyway, but still. It's the idea of the thing. I suppose it could be worse. Finalizing Friday, I hope. I hope all five of us go. I really really do. That would be a blast. I don't know where D.C. and I are going for lunch though. It's her choice.

Monday, October 21, 2002
06:47 p.m.

Standing in the checkout line at Walmart. The lady had two items, and the clerk couldn't find the bar. I know this didn't happen a decaded ago. Clerks could read then. They didn't have machines that deliver exact change. They didn't ring up products and have no clue what someone was purchasing or the price. I stood there, listening to the muzac, wondering about nothing in general. I look at the music tape selection. Almost bought Bangle because Maniac Monday is my every monday.

Monday, October 21, 2002
01:41 p.m.

So it goes round

"Just keep telling yourself that."

"You'd be surprised."

"I have to see it believe it."

"Have faith."

"I may believe in miracles, but that's a stretch."

"It can happen."

"Gag me with a spoon.

Now, rearrange and do it again. ^_^

Monday, October 21, 2002
11:59 a.m.

The guy I'm dating has Mew. I know Pokemon is dead and over with, but he has Mew. And not Sharked Mew, a real Mew. ^_^ It's funny. Last night was pretty good, we watched Ranma 1/2. He gelled really well with one of my friends, so I'm pretty glad about that.

The above images are from the awesome Manga Ultra Maniac. Copyrights to Wataru Yoshizumi and Shueisha.


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