Monday, October 14, 2002
12:11 a.m.

I can't wait til tomorrow. *bounce* Wait it is tomorrow ^^;; I caught Angel or rather recorded it. However, I recorded over not one, but 3 eppies of the new season of Xmen. ^^;; I've seen 2, but I hadn't seen the other one. I hate when that happens. Now, I have to wait and hope the replay them. Which they never do. GRRRR. Also, I have to figure out when I'm going to edit between now and Tuesday. I will do. At least tomorrow will be cool.

Saturday, October 12, 2002
11:16 p.m.

I just watched Inu Yasha tonight. Yummy. And here I thought there'd be nothing to get a fic bit from. I like the show, even if it like FY for guys. The talking flea was enough to send me into giggles. It's a lot different from most of her other series. Of course, she doesn't fall into most of the pitfalls most Mangaka do in that her characters are mostly all different. I will admit that Ranma has the same laid back attitude as Inu Yasha, but beyond that not much. Now, I like two Rumiko Takahashi series, what's wrong with me? I really like the series. Of course Inu Yasha having silver hair and Dog ears has nothing to do with it. I swear, okay better not.

Saturday, October 12, 2002
01:51 p.m.

S'okay, I deleted a whole bunch of WingZ. I'm going to try and run a defrag. Hopefully, he won't be so cranky. Anywho, I was going to update Tsunami, and blamo I forgot the disk with the files in my door room. Silly me, opps. Well, I'll see what I do later.

Friday, October 11, 2002
02:06 p.m.

Today is a good day. I didn't get the part in the play, but that was no shocker. I had forgotten what theatre people are like; they all want to be the center of attention. ::Sighs:: But it was fun. That cute guy I met there got one of the parts. Wicked. I'm so happy for him. I got my ticket today, and I cleared everything. I'm so excite, and I still have a whole weekend. It could be that I want to get my ribon tonight too. I think later today I'll do my editing assignment. I don't think they'll any more ranting. I'm so sorry. I hate doing that to people, really I do.

Thursday, October 10, 2002
10:43 p.m.

I don't believe it. I'm going to Ren Fest. I can't wait. I was planning on doing a haunted house this weekend, but now it's Ren Fest. I've never been. This sounds like so much fun. It's started out something like this:

Narilos: Well, I started like the male body with I saw this Guy Dancer, who is gay, but everyone ends up falling in love with him, boys, girls. I saw him performing nude at a festival.

Mouse~: Kewl...

Narilos: Yeah, he does Belly dancing.

Mouse~: I like Belly dancing, I like dancing.

Narilos: He's really good.

Mouse~: Wish I could see him.

Narilos: He's performing at Ren Fest.

Mouse~: Sounds cool

Narilos: Yeah, This weekend's the last weekend.

Mouse~: I've never been to one...

Narilos: You've never been?

Mouse~: Not once.

Narilos: You've got to go at least once.

Mouse~: Well, getting there is the problem.

Narilos: Are you going to be home this weekend?

Mouse~: Yeah, I think

Narilos: You can ride with me.

Mouse~: ^_^

That being said, we're trying to find a costume for me as we speak. I've got it narrowed down to the pair of cat ears I've been eying at the mall. They're polkadotted with black fuzzy stuff on the tuffs.

Thursday, October 10, 2002
10:43 a.m.

See if this makes sense. Our school doesn't want us using "File Sharing" Programs. They've limited the bandwidth because of it. However, I can't my email, but I can use my FTP just fine. It's a litle slow logging it, but once there, bam. In others words, you can use "File Sharing" programs, but not your web browser, that makes sense. My school sucks.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002
01:07 p.m.

I know what's wrong with my internet. The school has deemed all unacademic practices as recreational and band them. They've serverly limited our bandwidth and imposed heavy restrictions. They seized J.T.'s computer, housing did. That's against the law without the police or a warrant, and they had neither. They place a firewall to track our movements, and setup filter code words. Yeah, at this point I'm pissed.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002
11:41 a.m.

I'm not sure which I should be more angry at, my Laptop or the school's connection. GRRRRRRRR! It drives me crazy. I'm been down all week practically. And yes, there is a difference between Glacial and Working. Slow is not working. When I can download faster through my 28.8 dialup, we've got a problem. It's downright annonying. Anyway, everything I was hoping to finish updating this week probably won't get done. Sorry :(

Tuesday, October 8, 2002
11:36 p.m.

Right now, I'm listening to KKJ's Haruka. I love that song, and animation in fact. It's a very powerful ending. Maron's inability to fit into soceity. Her feelings of being and outsider, as well being the only person who can stop the devil. I don't like much about the animated version, but that is a really good peice. They also have the animated picture of my favorite picture. The one where Maron looks down at the water and sees a reflection of Jeanne. I wish I had the pencil board of it both the animated and Manga. It's much prettier as a whole image. It's weird looking on two pages. Besides, you miss Chiaki/Sindbad.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002
02:47 p.m.

What is it with my uncanny knack of ending up in Chat Rooms with either underage 17 year olds or 40 year olds. I'm beginning to think that there is something wrong with me. *Sniff* *Sniff* It was an adult mailing list...

Tuesday, October 8, 2002
11:04 a.m.

What a wonderful day. ^_^ I got an 80% on my paper from my Interpersonal Class, which I'm proud of. It's a hard class, Dr. McMahan is tough. I wore my cat ears today. I got attention from a *cute* guy. Well, worth it in my opinion. My teachers are laughing their asses off. I did good. Real good.

Monday, October 7, 2002
11:25 p.m.

So what if I'm a Heart fan? Deal with it :P

Monday, October 7, 2002
09:58 p.m.

Ack! I wish I didn't just have Windows Media Player on my computer. Well, my lap. WingZ's got it all ^_^ I'm going to have download Sonique for my laptop. Grr, I hate that. I mean I hate adding stuff. Of course, it's due. I'll wait till after I get Netscape loaded. ^_^ I've been waiting for it. I'm a strange Mouse.

Monday, October 7, 2002
06:36 p.m.

Have you ever looked at your im addy box, msn, pager and said who are these people? I have. I just log into my Pager after who knows how long, and I'm like who the hell are these people? Most of them I have no clue who they are. I mean that. I've got more people on my page than I do on any of my other services and I have the foggest who they are. Opps. I'm a bit more than shocked at myself right now. I swear, I'll be better eventually.

Monday, October 7, 2002
01:05 p.m.

More of my story, I've changed a few things. If you haven't read I put it all up, but if you have look for --- k

Still unbeta'd

As per my promise to MJade, here is my "First Kiss" story. ^_^ It isn't beta'd, so...

Sweet Candy

Ethan eyed the package one more time just to be sure it was there. Its gold wrapping sparkled in the sunlight, and the pretty red bow offset the swirls of brown interlaced with the gold. He smiled happily, blissfully within his own mind imagining the look on the girl’s face when he gave it to her. Ethan was not a man who indulged in such trivial things like buying one’s sweetheart a gift, but today he was being spontaneous. Or at least he told himself that when he woke up this morning and walked to the chocolate shop.

He remembered the smells, colors, and tastes of the shop. The pink flared ribbons, red berry syrups in bottles, white fluffy things in all shapes and sizes, Pokka-dotted pinks things with no trace of goodness, the sickening sweet of the chocolate mixed with sugar, the rich, dark of truffles, and the light, sticky of caramel. All of it was delightful and tempting, a pretty pink house of sin. He looked over the trays, neatly placed on the shelves with their names scrawled on little tags. He had to pick the right one for no ordinary one would do, not for her. It had to be dark chocolate with its bitter bite, but the core, what would go in the core?

Just as he had it narrowed down to a Hazelnut Chocolate-chocolate ball or Red Pepper twist, a woman said, “Have you tried the special?”

Ethan moderately bemused answered, “Is there a special?”

“There’s always a special, try it.” She passed the tiny candy over to him. Her hand up to his mouth, he almost bit it off when he tried her sweet.

In an instant, he knew what he wanted to get the girl, a Raspberry truffle. It was perfect the way the outer hid the sweet center so well. Simply wonderful, how it melted in the mouth. Dark, rich, luscious sin, Ethan felt the Cheshire grin on his face spread wider. He had them wrapped and paid for in less than ten minutes. Thanked the lady, and promptly left.

- - -

Ethan felt almost giddy in his strides. He couldn’t wait to see her beautiful face when she unwrapped the tasty present. Oh the fun, they’d have. The joy that chocolate brings. He was happy, so light on his feet he didn’t notice when the apartment came into view. The cobblestone pathway ran through a delicately out-of-place garden that wasn’t well taken care of. Vines overgrown on thick rusted iron rails, weeds poked through cement cracks, and the fence that squeaked, when he tried to open and shut it. He made his way through modern juggle, carefully shut the main door, and started up the steps. He didn’t feel the length of the stairs their ghastly number usually made coming home tedious. Before he knew, he was at the door to their measly loft apartment on the ninth floor.

Looking at the door always made her giggle. Its numbers were upside down, so that the nine was a six and the six a nine. Strange, how she could derive so much pleasure from something so simply minded was beyond Ethan’s comprehension. Still, on a day like today he tended to overlook those shortcomings of hers. Today was a special day, and he wanted to make the best of it. Opening the door, he strode in. He took his coat off, and placed it on the old oak coat rack they’d purchase at an antique store. She was fond of old things.

“Faith, darling are you here?” He turned around, but she wasn’t in sight.

- - -

Where had the girl gotten off to now? Ethan scanned the room quickly looking for any signs, but Faith had a way of scampering off and hiding. She was only found when she wanted to be. It left Ethan with what he considered a minor technicality. Oh, he’d find her eventually; it was just question of when. Ethan wasn’t a very patient person, and he liked to take matters into his own hands. He closed his eyes and whispered into air. The room grew silent with the exception of a muffle mumbling noise in the background.

Following the noise, he found Faith lounging on the fir escape. Her head bobbing to the rhythm of the noise in her headphones. Her concentration was the magazine in her lap. If she noticed him, she didn’t move. He smirked a little and gently dropped the present in her lap.

“Huh?” She looked around then skyward toward him.

“I’ve brought you something.” He said.

“Oh, thanks.” She turned the package over once. Her fingers gently pried at the side. A fingernail lifted the tape and ripped it back. “It’s,” She gave a good look, “Chocolate.”

“Not exactly, they’re raspberry truffles. Try them.” He said.

“Oh, okay, I will.” She placed the box by her side and went back to her magazine.

Ethan’s bemused attitude quickly changed. How dare she rambled through his brain. The girl had simply shrugged the entire thing off. Here he was looking like some kind of fool. There was a very good reason Ethan had learned never to indulged in romantic matters. No matter how hard he tried, his efforts went largely unrewarded. Well, he wasn’t going to let this go without protest. If she didn’t want them now, she wouldn’t get them later.

Making his swift decision, he grabbed up the tiny box and marched into the kitchen area.

“What are you doing?” Faith was stunned but did not follow.

“Good girls take what’s given to them.” He reached for the wastebasket and lifted the lid of the box. He didn’t bother looking behind him, but he knew Faith was there.

“Wait a minute.” She protested, pulled at his arm.

“What, you obviously don’t care. I don’t know why I thought your poor depreived American brain could handle such tokens. I was mistaken, forgiven me for bothering you.”

“You’re not bothering me. I want them.”

Ethan turned to face her now, “Well then why don’t you try one?”

The above images are from the awesome Manga Ultra Maniac. Copyrights to Wataru Yoshizumi and Shueisha.


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